Survival Mode

I think I was in survival mode all through life until I left an abusive marriage 6.5 years ago. It felt weird at first, like something was missing, an emptiness. What was missing was the chaos and the hyper vigilance. 

We all have trauma to some degree and we can learn to  process it, resource, and create new neural pathways. Thank you neural plasticity! You CAN live a life not in survival mode. 

My Nature Connected Coach training included working with trauma, brain & change and learning about the nervous system.  I’ve dealt with many different types of trauma in my life, from being a premature baby and having many surgeries throughout life, unhealthy dynamics, and the previously mentioned divorce.

It wasn’t until I started doing sensory awareness, nature connection exercises that I realized I was still stuck in survival mode and in my sympathetic nervous system. 

It wasn’t a quick fix but I can now say that I am no longer living in fight/flight/freeze/faun mode, and that if it does pop up from time to time I can recognize and acknowledge it and use my resources to remain grounded and make conscious choices. 

In a coaching session it is not the goal to dig up trauma but if it comes up we can work through or around it as you move towards your goals. 

Another part of my training was Partwork. Parts are memorized states of being, neuro-circuitry, and how we express the different parts of our nature. We all have an inner child (0-12) part who has often experienced trauma and been affected and influenced by introjects and still is to this day. We can work with the different parts of ourselves to come in to balance. 

Step out of survival mode, into the present and towards your future. 

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