Set Your Table

What do you bring to the table?

As we set the table for this new year and the new decade, what do you bring to the table?

Are you bringing with you past hurts, worries and stressors?

Or are you bringing inspiration, motivation and new opportunities?

When we sit at our table of life we need to be consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and surroundings.

Are they holding us back or moving us forward?

Are they in alignment with who we need to be to express ourselves as our greatest versions of our authentic selves? That part that pulls you to do the things you love, that make you feel alive!

Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do and see how it feels, then do another one!

What beliefs, attitudes, or behaviours need to change to move forward? 

From the past, through pain and into healing, into whatever amazing thing you will create next in your life?

Challenge those things that have been ingrained in you that may not actually be true. Be aware and curious of what your mind is telling you.

Are there things that need to be completed so that you have the foundation built to hold your new creations? Conversations, projects, to-dos that got pushed aside?

Write a letter, make the difficult phone call, finish or get rid of unfinished projects, clear off the art table….

Are there people you no longer want at your table, or people you would love to break bread with?  Just because people have always been there doesn’t mean they need to stay and “strangers” are how we make new friends.

Invite people who encourage, respect and support you and your vision to gather around you as often as possible, and see if maybe you need to ask others to leave or to stop inviting them. (Yes, that can be tough and may need to be done with finesse.)

Bring to the table all the things you want to share with the world! 

Bring your silliness, confidence, courage, trust, love, joy, vision…….

Share these aspects of yourself with your family, friends, community, teachers, mentors, students…….

Set the date. Invite your friends. Ask for help, don’t do it all alone! Be grateful for all that you offer to yourself and to the world. 

Set your table and set yourself up for success!

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