Nature Connected Coaching

Nature Connected Coaching is soul directed life coaching that collaborates with nature as a co guide. Sessions, programs and workshops often, and preferably, involve time outdoors in nature, but can also be done on the phone or video conference.

 I ask powerful questions and guide you through exercises to deepen your soulful connections to yourself, others and nature. I give you permission to just be and create a safe container and space to do so. 

You will see things from new and different perspectives because you will be looking with open eyes, ears, mind, and heart. 

You are the leader on your journey and I will meet you wherever you are on your path to walk along side you. I am here for support, offer accountability and to cheer you on with any aspect you’d like to create differently in your life, wether big or small.

You will feel a sense of togetherness while also allowing space for you to explore. 

I will guide you out of the story loop and towards moving forward.

You will be held in a space to be seen and heard with no judgement, just awareness and compassion. I am like a tree while you walk along the forest path. I see you, I hear you, I feel you. We are connected. I offer metaphors and inspiration, and new perspectives. I am a  mirror to your inner landscape.

I offer sustenance as I give you tools and  guide you to a place within yourself where you will create health, vitality, purpose, growth and healing in your life.

I assist you in finding your roots of who you are, who you want and need to be, what keeps you grounded and also the roots of your fears, actions, thoughts and feelings.

While focusing on manifesting your vision we will define your needs and set goals to meet them in this creative process.

You will create new neural pathways with experiential exercises and learning by uncovering where there is resistance and removing energy blocks.

My Nature Connected Coach training included modules in:

Gestalt therapy


Brain and change

Working with trauma

Guiding through grief

Longterm coaching

Location: In person in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley trails, online via Zoom or by phone.
Group type: Personal and Group, must be 14+**

Average Distance: 1.5 kms *
Average Time: 1 hour *
Average Terrain: Easy *

Investment: ***

30 minute introductory session by phone or online- Free

1 hour session $90

3 session package $243

***Prices may vary per session and program. Contact me for details

***Customized coaching programs available. Contact me fore details

*** Longer and more difficult terrain walks available upon request

**Minors must have a parent/guardian sign a consent form

Who is Nature Guided Coaching for?

People who:

  • are ready to take the next step (literally!) in the direction of a better life.
  • want a life filled with purpose, clarity, potential, and the ability to better connect with yourself, nature, and all beings.
  • feel like something is missing, and know there is more to life
  • feel stuck
  • feel disconnected
  • feel stressed, rundown, frustrated
  • need support on their transformational journey

Forest Bathing Walks

Forest Bathing walks will have you noticing the many health benefits of trees, nature and the environment. You will see that there is a REAL connection between the trees, the animals, and of course, yourself, and all that there is.

I will hold a space for you where you can freely and safely relax and explore your connection with nature.

I will invite you to participate in exercises to aid in you being in the moment and absorbing the healing qualities of nature.

We will walk, but we will also sit, watch, listen, taste, smell, touch, and feel all that nature has to offer. You will see you have lots to offer nature, and yourself as well.

Location: Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley trails
Group type: Personal and Group, must be 14+**

Average Distance: 1.5 kms *
Average Time: 1.5  *
Average Terrain: Easy *
Cost: $25 per person for a group walk (2 or more people)
$45 per person for a personal walk

*Longer, and more difficult terrain walks available upon request
**Minor must have a parent/guardian sign a consent form

Other Services

Sensory Awareness Workshops

Online programs

Medicinal and plant I.D. walks- coming soon

Drumming circles

Tarot readings

Oracle card readings

Rune readings

Energy block reading- coming soon