Quietly Be

Today is a bit of a cool, grey and lazy day. It’s also oddly quiet in my house as my daughter is at her dad’s for the weekend. Without the warm, sunny weather I feel less drawn to running out the door to get things done. 

I gently pushed all the shoulds and have tos aside and let my quiet, calm, connected mind wander.

I listened to the birds outside and watched the cars drive by, felt the stillness in my body.

With the peacefulness and calm of the day, I decided to journey to speak with my spirit guides. 

Sea turtle’s message was to let it flow and to shine my light where fear and darkness lie and I will see there needn’t be fear, to trust myself in knowing the wisdom that has been around for centuries all across the planet. 

Another guide’s wisdom- to do the things I have trust in, practice.

And my power animal’s voice echos in my ears, with almost a laugh in her voice as she says “Of course you can!” 

During these uncertain and ever-changing times make space for yourself. Take time to simply BE, without the pressure of DOing, even if just for a few moments your mind, body and soul will thank you for connecting.

Lazy days can be quite productive.

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