New Pathways

It only takes up to 90 seconds for your body to physiologically process the triggered chemical reaction from your brain. After those 90 seconds, it’s your choice how you react. 

Her is one scenario as an example;

0-3 seconds-

You are walking down the street and you see a couple, looking lovingly at each other, holding hands as they turn into the jewelry store. It’s that time of year again. The loved and the dreaded, Valentine’s Day. 

3-5 seconds-

You notice your heart is beating faster. You feel a pit in your stomach. Your chest is tight. Your muscles are tense.

5-10 seconds-

You roll your eyes. You feel heavy.

10 seconds-

Your face feels warm. Your throat is tight, it’s hard to swallow, your tongue is pressed against the roof of your mouth.

15 seconds- 

You take a deep breath and notice your clenched fists, and release them.

20 seconds- 

You look back up towards the couple.

25 seconds-

You wonder if there is a chocolate shop anywhere close by. Or maybe a cold wine and beer store. Or…..

30 seconds- 

You remember the workout you did this morning. 

35 seconds-

You take another deep breath.

40 seconds-

You see a street tree standing alone in its planter across the road.

45 seconds-

The word alone seems to reverberate in your head.

50 seconds- 

You look back at the tree.

55 seconds-

You take a deep breath.

60  seconds-

You notice your heartbeat has slowed, your chest and throat loosen. 

65 second- 

You take a deep breath, and another.

70 seconds-

The knot in your stomach unties itself, your face relaxes. You blink.

75 seconds- 

You look at the tree and smile.

80 seconds –

You look towards the jewelry store and smile.

85 seconds-

You take a deep breath.

90 seconds- 

You wish the couple happiness in love and life, silently thank the tree for its support, and go on with your day.

You smile and are proud of how far you’ve come. 

It get easier every year as you get stronger, wiser, heal and with practice. LOTS of practice.

You did not let your thoughts and emotions control you or “get the best of you”.

Acknowledge, witness, breathe, let go.

Again, and again and again. 

Create new neuropathways just like how water creates new waterways. One drop at a time, one breath at a time. As you repeat it the new pathways become stronger, deeper, easier to follow.

Create new pathways in your mind to the places you wish to go. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this link on the 1/2/2020 tool box call (yes, I am just getting around to listening in to it). I had seen this/read this before somewhere but it was a great reminder of that 90 sec.

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