Missing Bread

I’ve become aware that I’ve recently become bread-less, a deconstructed sandwich.

Without creating time for myself in the morning, and then wanting to go to bed earlier at night my regular self-care, wind down and relaxation times drifted off, even though I wasn’t drifting off to sleep too quickly.

What set me up for smooth days in the morning, and settled in at night has been lacking and it shows (to me at the very least).

With no bread to hold it all together my “sandwich” has been all over the place.

I’m still together, getting by, getting things done, but it hasn’t been an optimal use of time or energy.

Scattered thoughts running wild. Ideas rolling around all over the place. Creativity getting stuck in the jar. Patience spread thin. Motivation wilted…

Routines and self-care are what holds me together. They are the bread for my sandwich.

Now that I am aware I am rebuilding my sandwich!

I will have screenless time before bed and read or write instead. I will journal when creativity arises, even carrying around a small notebook while on the run. I will set the intention to wake well rested after an adequate amount of sleep and when I do I will feel rejuvenated and ready for my morning routine. This will set me up for success. 

When we notice what we need we can set goals to achieve it. 

I need my bread back on my sandwich.

I need to get back to my routines that make my energy flow freely.

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