Make every day Earth Day

I love Earth Day, It’s a day where everyone, or most people, are more conscious about how we treat the Earth. I’d love for everyone to not just do it today or this weekend, and that they’d do it everyday. I wish that when people go shopping they’d walk, bring they’re reusable bags, that they’d think of what they’re buying, where it’s coming from, how it’s packaged, what it’s made of, and how it impacts the Earth. 

This is why I started doing Nature Connected Coaching and Forest Bathing Walks. I want people to go into the forest, or the beach or wherever they go to enjoy nature to realize that we need to protect it and take better care of it, and that in doing that we are taking better care of ourselves ,and Mother Earth will take care of us too. We are all in this together. 

Make it an Earth Day, week, month, year and life, for ourselves and future generations. 

At the beginning of my walk I sat against a “baby” fir tree and got emotional thinking about Earth Day, so after a while I got up and walked through the forest. Being surrounded by, touching, and hugging trees always makes me feel calm, safe, and comforted. 

Even though it was a cool morning I took my socks and shoes off to walk barefoot along a section I knew didn’t have too much gravel or rocks on it, to do some “Earthing”. It was an almost instant sense of relief and calmness. I stopped to hug “my tree”, feeling much better I put my shoes back on and continued to my car. 

Next stop was a class of 19 kindergarteners to plant bean seeds. At the last minute I had organized to bring all the supplies so they could each plant a bean seed to bring home today when I found out there were no plans of planting anything.  I could not have that! I promised myself I would be better prepared for next year with tree seeds for them. Before going outside on this sunny day to plant, their teacher read them Dr. Seuss’ “Oh say can you seed?” that my daughter brought form home. It was a pretty long book for theses youngsters, but they seemed captivated. 

I was so happy to see all the eager and excited children as they each filled their pot, poked a hole into the dirt with their little fingers and added 2 seeds each. They carefully watered it and headed back inside to make labels. I told them that as the trees outside and at the parks drop their seeds; acorns, “helicopters”, etc, that they could bring them home and plant them and have a tree all their own. The look of amazement on some of those adorable faces, some who had never planted a seed before today, was priceless! 

This may have been the best Earth Day ever! (Until next year)

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